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by Batavia

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Bricks 02:10
Azafrán 05:18
Vientos De Cambio It was a briny wind that filled the sails A seasoned wind that pushed her to a new world A new life Teasing her with chills up her legs and dreams of what's ahead It was a gray breeze that carried her saffron scent to him Seduced his senses and made him hungry for more Vientos De Cambio She is waiting with her raven hair Black as seeds of the cherimoya It was a devil wind that blew the sand A damning wind that shattered her old dreams How they all lied Neglected and alone she knew there had to be more It was a dry breeze that buried her azafran scent in the walls The Captain smelled her there Convergent winds arise at night Black as seeds of the cherimoya Her change will come It was a hot wind that filled their nights A telling wind that brought their secret to him And now they die Chained them to a wall Saffron in the air The Captain and Mujer Hermosa Their final breath in the scented wind
Dust in lungs red dirt kicked up by boots gone long ago Feet landing where feet planted when it was decades ago Slipping in memories slipping on the blood I'm wishing that I had something that's left this path I've walked for lives and lives and lives And why? What I did to deserve this I can no longer recall Do not follow me (x2) Damned to walk Damned to be Do not follow me I can't rest but I can't tire this path goes on but it washed away ages ago Do not follow me (x2) Damn you Damn me Do not follow me Do not follow me I need to be free Damned to walk Damned to be Do not follow Don't follow Do not follow me (x2)
Exeter, Exeter 1892 Would be the last these eyes would see you Mother Mary waits for me It's been so long Sister Ollie calls for me I must be gone Father please forgive me I Never was very strong Daddy's little girl Two long months alone Is long enough I want to go home This winter box feels Oddly like a tomb But I need to see you Need to eat I want to move To feel the sun warm on my marble skin I lay in peace once Still I walk again Exeter, Exeter I'm still a part of you For me it's always 1892 Why Ms.Poole do you look at me like that? Don't I look fine in my fancy hat? What did I do to you that was so wrong? Rip out my heart and burn it on a stone Brother Edgar come with me I know it hurts But you're never really gone In Exeter
Your little laugh like a song It fills the air Sweetest melody, baby girl Your little dolls warm your seat In your favorite chair Rock them to sleep, baby pearl I can hear you Crying out at night I'll come for you I'll comfort you I'll cry with you Baby Pearl I only hear you now at night Crying softly all alone I know it's lonely there, baby girl I only see you in your seat Rocking slowly on your stone Your dolls will keep you warm, baby pearl Many parents, kind and good Lost to them their little brood Bless their Maker night and day Though he took their all away Shall we therefore murmur where Standing unfilled one vacant chair
UVB-76 05:17
What happens when the signal stops Buzzer running out the ticking clock Is there any way to respond I will listen 'til the break of dawn Have you heard the signal on the shortwave radio? They Say its a message from Moscow maybe 40 years of relentless beeping A dead hand reaction for peace keeping? Diligent sower Irrelevant epilogue Depressing terrain Bloodless plume What happens when the signal stops Buzzer running out the ticking clock Is there any way to respond I will listen 'til the break of dawn What is the purpose Of this mysterious signal Digging to the surface A message to the people? Encoded cryptic messages decoded on a page One is for a drill but Absence the real thing Absence the real thing What happens when the signal stops Buzzer running out the ticking clock Is there any way to respond I will listen 'til the break of dawn Monoliths are always changing And commands exactly the same Simple and uncomplicated All across this depressing terrain UVB 76 UVB 76 UVB 76 UVB 76
Anthemoessa 05:21
Wires broken Curses snapped Into thousands of Pent up truths Scalding frenzies Shocked by ice Shivering confusion Swims between my eyes If the things you want and need Are no longer here with me Anthemoessa calls you home Your path is yours alone When the tides comes in again You'll still find me where you left me then I'll scrape my heart from your boots And hand it back to you Stained pillows Absorb the pain again Suck my name out of your mouth Push it back in Change is the damned constant The ballast of days But what is left When the fulcrum finally breaks
Bell Witch 04:49
I am a spirt I once was happy But I have been disturbed You saw me on the fence Day's light in your eyes did shine You wanted me to leave I flew away But left a feather behind Soft and black Shadows on your face Oh Jack Got you back and watch me fly away Oh Jack Oh Jack Oh Jack I can tell you You're gonna hate me Oh Jack Soft and black My coat, smooth like ice Oh Jack Wagging my tail Betsy seems nice Should I take her first Or, should it be you? What could be worse than to be in your shoes? You're gonna hate me You'll choke on your words and I'll watch you die Oh Jack did you come just to make me leave? Oh Jack did you bring them over here Just for me? Oh Jack did you know I am.. I am the land? And I am fauna I am the cave I am Tennessee And your Betsy will be mine


released July 9, 2021

Ed and Terri Cripps - Music, words
Skot Shea (Beta Virus) - Vocals Track# 06
Cover Art: Eshmoonadm
Publicity Photos: Jeremy Craig

Track# 2 Mixed by JD Tucker
Track# 1,2,3,4,5,7,8 Mastered by James Scott
Track# 6,9,10,11 Mastered by Eric Oehler

James Scott:

Beta Virus:


JD Tucker:

Eric Oehler:

Jeremy Craig:



all rights reserved



Batavia Jacksonville, Florida

Terri & Ed Cripps
- Music and words

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